History has shown that humans are capable of building and destroying. Our planet is 4.5 billion years old. In a report by BBC, humans has evoluted a pretty young age at 160,000 years. Within such short period of time, we have travelled out of the planet and reach the Moon, Mars and now understands the physical universe. The question is would we venture cautiously at such a snail pace or would we move at a quantum leap in the distant future?

A lot depend on the “push & pull” factor. Humans have caused, whether knowingly or unknowingly, the environmental disaster due to their many years of advancement. In years to come, that would become the push factor for us to seriously consider finding ways overcome the consequence of our action. On the other hand scientists has advance knowledge of the potential of occupying the planets that is within reach of our present travelling technology. The pull factor is that this potential is real.

Hence, the survival of the human race rely alot on this push and pull factor. It’s a matter of time before we realised that the harm that we’ve caused to this world is beyond repair and that the future of the planet will come to a point where it will destroy the living things. Recuperate for a few million years before the planet stabilized for beings to return again. That would be the push factor for humans to act urgently. Which meant that the survival instinct of humans will turn to the various planet for survival.

It’s then that the future of the planet is irrelevant, since the potentials of the unknown will quickly reveal itself. We could have a future of more planets waiting for humans to occupy and enjoy. Without the current scenario we may never venture out of our comfort zone.