Humorous Speech

1 Allan Bentley took third place at the District 72 Humorous Speech Contest with his speech “How to choose a spouse” compare against choosing a car. November 21, 2010, New Plymouth, New Zealand.   [Click Here] ***

2 Viane Ali took first place at the District 72 Humorous Speech Contest with his speech “My first and last SCUBA dive”. [Click Here] ***

3 Laurence Bacchus takes a humorous look at real estate auctions, inspired by Neil Jenman’s books ‘Real estate mistakes’ and ‘Don’t sign anything’. Won first place at Toastmasters area international speech contest in West Auckland 2006. [Click Here]***

4 This speech took 1st place at the District 95 Humorous Speech Contest in Frankfurt on November 15, 2014.   [Click Here]

5 Jenny Locklin was the district humorous speech contest winner for the state of Arizona. She presents herself as “Barb” from world wide headquarters at Toastmasters International. She announces an exciting new solution to giving a great table topics (impromptu question) response. [Click Here] ***

6 The Art of Lying – first place winning Toastmaster Humorous speech in 2009 for District 79 by DTM Mohammad Al-Issa – Abu Dhabi  [Click Here]

7 Using Props Toastmasters Humorous Speech Contest 2nd Place (2010, District 70, NSW, Australia) [Click Here]

Turning 30 humor Vikram Poddar Winning Humorous Speech Toastmasters India District 41 [Click Here]

9 Speech title: “Crazy in Love.” This speech won the Gold Medal at the 2011 Toastmasters Humorous Speech Contest in District 18 [Click Here]

10 2009 Humorous Speech Contest by Marianna Pascal. A Humorous Look at Local English by Communication Skills Speaker, Marianna Pascal. [Click Here]

11 2012 Humorous Speech District 2 Champion- My husband never lies [Click Here]

12 “To fly or not to Fly” Graeme Valentine describes a scary flight for the District 72 Toastmasters Humorous Speech Contest on 15 Nov 2009. [Click Here] ***

13 Toastmasters Division M Humorous Speech 1st Place winner. Mohammed Qahtani [Click here]

14 2014 Toastmasters Humorous Speech Contest – District 95 – Kailey Peng [Click here]

15 Gold Medal – 2011 District 18 Toastmasters Humorous Speech Contest – Brooke Grubb [Click here]