Titled: “Flight & Fearless”

There was a time when I was younger, taking a flight on a commericial aeroplane would bring about the fear in me. The question of “what if” would just come up a day before the flight, before taking off and while the plane was taking off from the runway. The train of thoughts goes like this…..

What if the plane crashed mid way?
What if the tail end come loose?
What if the exit door does not open?
What if the plane carries a terrorist and it explodes in mid-air?
What if the engine fail?
What if the pilot fainted?
What if I cannot see my loved ones again?
Who can look after them?

The tell tale sign of anxiety would show. Cold sweat. Heart beating at a faster than normal rate. Then I would close my eyes and hope for the best. I was told there were remedies. Read a book. Talk to your neighbour. Pray. If you’re focus enough, it does helped.

At a later stage in life, I realized it’s our thoughts that created the fear. And I found out that the best remedy is to meditate. Through meditation, I learn to recognized the thoughts as it comes and letting it go. The negative thoughts simply disappeared when you let it go. You become fearless. In a sense, to read a book, to talk to your neighbour or to pray eliminated the thoughts without we knowing the rationale behind.