Vic Johnson


13 Secrets of World Class Achievers (Vic Johnson)

Vic Johnson distills principles from various leaders and achievers in various fields. You won’t find any surprise revelations, but what you will find is much solid and specific advice laid out in an easy to understand way.    13 Secrets of World Class Achievers  (PDF) .

Secret #1: Big Doers Are Big Dreamers
Dream big dreams; only big dreams have the power to move men’s souls. Big dreams drive us to do things we’d never do for lesser dreams—in many ways they almost pull us through the obstacles we’re likely to have on the way to reaching them.

Secret #2: Understanding the Beginning of All Achievement
Desire is the starting point of all achievement…the first step toward all riches. Desire is so powerful that people will risk their life, freedom, fortune and everything else in order to satisfy it.

Secret #3: What You See Is What You Get
World-Class Achievers have trained themselves to “vision their dream.” They see it on the inside long before the world sees it on the outside.

Secret #4: Learning to Believe
Belief is nothing more than what we accept as true or real. Now here’s something important to understand: what we accept as true may not be true and it may not be real. But if we accept it as true or real it influences our decisions just as if it were. Life is of our own imagination. It can be a living miracle, or a living nightmare.

Secret #5: Stand on the Shoulders of Giants
World-Class Achievers never waste valuable time re-inventing the wheel. While some of them appear to be master innovators, they are in fact masters at studying previous successes and applying a new angle or new twist to an old idea.

Secret #6: Have a “Laser-Focus” Approach to Managing Your Time
You may not have time to do everything you WANT to do, but when you’re focused you’ll have plenty of time to do everything you NEED to do to reach your goal. Goal setting is really nothing more than deciding in advance how you will allocate your time, talent and treasure in order to achieve a pre-determined objective. When you’re focused on the goal, you are more likely to stick to your original allocation plan.

Secret #7: Act Now, and Keep Acting
World-Class Achievers know if you don’t take action on a dream or a goal it will eventually die. They also know that taking action now, being decisive, is simply a habit that can be learned. World-Class Achievers don’t wait until they have ALL the information before they decide to do something. They know it’s only important to have ENOUGH information to make a decision.

Secret #8: Champions Manage Fear and Doubt
True courage is not the absence of fear, it’s the mastery of fear. World-Class Achievers have just as many fears as those who live miserable, unfulfilled lives because of fear—they have just learned to master their fears instead of allowing their fears to master them.

Secret #9: FIDO is More than a Dog’s Name
The acronym F.I.D.O. stands for “Forget it – Drive On!” Success breeds success. Winners forget past failures, and focus instead on past successes. Both are readily available, but which one you focus on is entirely up to your choosing.

Secret #10: Do What Others Won’t Do Today So You Can Do What Others Can’t Do Tomorrow
The common denominator of success—the secret of success of every person who has ever been successful— lies in the fact that “THEY FORMED THE HABIT OF DOING THINGS THAT FAILURES DON’T LIKE TO DO.”

Secret #11: Experience the Power of the Master Mind
No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind. Formally, or informally, World-Class Achievers understand and employ the power of the Master Mind. Simply speaking, a Master Mind is anytime two or more people come together with a common purpose and the intent to benefit from the resulting synergy.

Secret #12: It’s About Principles
All World-Class Achievers know that there are no secrets, there are only PRINCIPLES.

Secret #13: Seek Out World Class Mentors and Coaches
World-Class Achievers have always known that if you want to maximize your potential in anything, hire a coach. Coaching is to performance what leadership is to an organization.