Title: Memories with the Fridge Space

Fridge space brought to mind those days when we spent time at the kitchen, practising the classic guitar. Being short of space, the magnetic surface of the fridge came in handy to help hold my music score.

If the fridge had ears, it would have cried for me to stop playing the torturing beginning pieces. It would have been understandable. Since for a start we did made many mistakes that called for frequent repeats of the pieces. But we stayed focused and it claimed five years of our life. The space that we occupied, for some reason, provided good sound quality for the ear during practice.

Over the years, when the fridge’s motor was worn, we got it changed. When the guitar strings were worn, it burst. New strings replaced. The fridge had on occasions, patiently withstood the slamming of it’s door. It was being used frequently by it’s owner and hence, polished every once in a while. It’s just like the guitar practice which provided the pushed for one to grow, to be patient and to be persistent when the owner “braved” through the difficult pieces. Polishing it to it’s shining state and gently caring for it by it’s owner.

Years later, after dropping out of the practice routine, I found this clip in youtube. It helped to recall the many hours, life lessons and time needed to reach such performing standards. The fridge with it’s space had supported its owner by being neutral to the hard work and little joy in life. Here’s the piece by Muraji, a Japanese female guitarist, playing “Satie’s Work” under Costa Rican rainforest.

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