The wait was long. The hot afternoon sun generated heat at 37 deg celcius. It don’t seemed to affect me. I watched as she watched. She seemed to tell me to go away, not to cross when I wanted to be with her. The fear of loosing her is too much. Knowing the hurt in her face could be relieved sooner, I skirted through.  I dodged left then right. Huh! I did it mum. Momentarily, I was distracted by the happiness of reaching her. Instinctively, I knew what was coming as it slammed into me. I was flattened but not dead yet. I waited. Death could be faster than this. The pain was killing me. Suddenly, the pain was gone. In a moment, the brilliant light flashed across while my eyes were closed. I felt peaceful oblivious of how mum felt. I caught a glimse of her sad eyes and tears swelled her eyelid. I let out the loudous “meow” and went towards the light, as another black charging wheel slammed onto my head. Death do wonders to relieve my pain and fear.