Plunging a couple of hundred feet was extreme to me. Sitting and feeling the solidity of the plane seat was comforting. I had a sinking feeling as the plane plunged. The pilot was quick to announce the need to buckle up and gave assurance that all was fine. The air turbulence disturbed the journey.

My thoughts disturbed my peace of mind. What if the plane plunged? At this height, I’ll surely die. Oh no! Fear gripped me! I felt short of breath. My hand perspired. I tried to look normal and closed my eyes.

Another thought. There’s no way that  a plane could plunged in this manner. The design of the wing created a pressure difference above and below the wing. It’s impossible to plunge at this speed even if the engine fail. The plane will glide to safety. I felt warmer on the hand. The sweaty palm dries up.

Another thought. What if someone planted a bomb… see how fear gripped me while travelling on a plane…it makes my travelling an exciting one, each time I go on an overseas tour.