I struggled at the steps. Again and again I tried the uphill battle. Just one more try, I kept at it. The journey, the once a life time pilgimage had been far too long to turn back. Actually, it never crossed my mind of turning back, more of how to overcome the obstacles that lay ahead and how to reach my destination. Instinct had brought me here. 

It had been weeks earlier that the impatient feeling kept coming at me. The longing feeling to just do it, to travel the journey and to do what I had to do. It would be such pleasure awaiting, the blissful feeling had continued to urge me just go, and my mind kept reminding me. I had put it off as one of those days. The same feeling kept urging me to go. “Go where?” I had thought. “Just go!!” said the other voice.  I could not hold it any longer, and had since kept at it by instinct, arriving at the steps.

I was joined by similar kind that followed the once in a life long pilgrimage. Each tried their best to clear the final hurdle but the uphill journey were difficult. Once I saw friends who simply disappeared with all their might to clear the steps, flying high up out of our comfort zone but never returned. The occasional plunging of furry limps made it more harzardous to clear the obstacle. However, I knew that it will need tremendous effort to reach my final destination. I begin to feel tired after many attempts to clear the final hurdle. 

Somehow, I managed a final burst of energy, a final burst of my muscle and a final burst of will power find myself clear of the steps and I arrived at a final stretch of flat path. Although the current was strong and against me, I gave the final sprint of the last five kilometer and arrived at my final destination in this pilgrim. Whoa, so many had made it. Soon, I began to deposit eggs and over a long period, I felt great, heavenly and knew why this is once in a life time journey. 

Having completed this final task, I rested and soon found myself gently floating into the beckoning white light of blissful feeling. Huh…I’ve made it finally, and let out the last breath as I saw a face and the last feeling of being held by a hand. I heard the last sound “This Salmon is fresh, we’re in luck today son!”