The projects in this manual will help you give informative and interesting speeches. Topics covered include the demonstration talk, the fact-finding report, the abstract concept and resources for informing.  Ideal for people in the workplace who have to give regular presentations to colleagues and clientsAn excellent first manual for the advanced speaker.


AP1 – The Speech to Inform: Select, organize and present useful information to motivate your audience to learn (5-7 min)

AP1 – Money Matters

AP1 – The Vast Left-Handed Consipracy

AP1 – The Oh So Different World of Identical Twins


AP2 – Resources for Informing: Through researched information, focus your presentation on the audience’s level of knowledge (8-10 min)

AP2 – How I Grew to Love the Marsh Building

AP2 – Cathy Lee – The Incredible Web


AP3 – The Demonstration Talk: Conduct a demonstration speech to explain a process, product, or activity (10-12 min)

AP3 – Ahhhh, the Breath of Life!

AP3 – Business Pattern

AP3 – The All Rounded Sport


AP4 – A Fact-Finding Report: Prepare a report on a situation, event or problem of interest to the audience (10-12 min)

The identity of Bertel Pedersen

The video look at the latest discoveries about the background and history of Bertel Pedersen of Randers who’s ship Crown Prinsess of Denmark stranded at Mossel Bay, South Africa in 1752.


AP5 – The Abstract Concept: Research and organize the thoughts of experts on an abstract concept, theory, historial force or social/political issue (10-12 min)

AP5 – Failure is Impossible




The Danger of Milk