The enemy detected. The target set. The energy was built up in an instance. Immediate release of it was the natural reaction. There’s no way of holding it back.

The explosion pushed me forward and I felt the fresh air as the cold wind rushed towards me. I felt the giddiness of the fast spin. I peeped and saw broken down building in the horizon. Some of them wasted and run-down by the unnecessary fighting that’s going on. Just as quickly, I heard a “pop” sound and suddenly realized that I’ve hit something soft. I was shattered and felt like a flattened pancake. A vague memory as  I began to spin out of control in a spiral circular manner before slowing down and stopped. I was wet.

Long moments passed before I heard a voice and then I see light. I was picked up and was brought so near to an eye. The voice said, “You’re so lucky Tom, the bullet missed your heart by mere centimeters.”