Title: “About Anne Mary!”

I looked across to see so many of us waiting for the moment. I counted at least three of us. It was already dark. The sun seemed to set pretty fast. I’m hungry and shivering after the slight drizzle in the evening. Yet, I knew I had to be patient. We have to wait for the right time.

At about 7.30pm, the sky was already pitched dark without the moonlight. The silhouette appeared walking slowly at a distance with the left hand holding a bag. The outline of the silhouette showed that she’s here. 

The few of us hid suddenly but quietly as another burly looking man stopped the woman. He said, “Mary, you should not be doing this, you’re only prolonging the problem that we’re facing.”. With her kind and understanding look, she said softly, “I understand your feeling, Sam. But they needed me now. It’s already very late.”. He walked off knowing that’s as much as he would do.

Mary laid the newspaper along the covered dark walkway. The dim light from the lamp post showed up the newspaper. But we knew where’s the location even without the lighted environment. She poured the content on the newspaper. Poured more milk on the container and waited for a moment as she scanned her surrounding.

Then she called out. Slowly, I moved out from my hiding. Cautiously I walked towards dinner. Soon enough, all three of my buddies joined me but there were two additional strays from the neighbourhood tonight. We appreciate her care, her kindness and her persistence to be with us every evening. Without her, we’ll have to go without food for the next two days. I moved closer to rub my fur against her. She responded by stroking my head. I felt happy and grateful to Anne and gave out my sweetest “Meow..ow……..!