It was an invitation that was long overdue. Like all the others who have accepted, he was quietly depressed but preferred to remain silent. He would be wonderfully amazed at what I could do to help and to transform him.

The first few planted stayed and he felt no pain. As I moved from point to point and worked on the remaining 4849 into position, he looked painfully awful. He didn’t mind and he knew it could be worst. “No pain no gain”, that’s the quote for the day. Eventually, the job was completed.

Nine months later, he came back for the final checks on any possible service from me. “You had done a wonderful job” he had commented. “And I’m thrilled to share that I’ve never felt so good and alive again. The incision was done skillfully!”

“Well, I’m glad that you’re happy with the outcome. Yes, my insertion tool never disappoint me.” remarked my master.






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