“Coffee break!” were the sweetest words in the place where I’ve worked. Throughout my working journey, I’ve not just gotten used to it but gotten very attentive to it. I suspect that if experiments were conducted and measured, those words would have been found to produce stress relieving agent in my body. Rejuvenated after the coffee, I would wished to hang on to it a bit longer. Which, explained why I’m always late after the break.

Lately, perhaps due to paying attention to my body during meditation, I sensed the changing tingling sensation though the body system after drinking a cuppa. The caffeine must have travelled through the blood stream reaching the brain when I felt the rush of “good feeling” reaching the deep recesses of the brain. No wonder the world looked and felt differently after a cuppa.

Some do understand the importance of what coffee brought to the man on the street and entertained us with the art of coffee and served it with “omph” like the video below.