Do I have to? I had asked that question over and over again. I was at the platform 100 meters above ground. Peering down made my heart pounded harder than normal. While others have sweaty palm, I’ve got sweaty feet while standing there. My thigh muscles tightened even while I was away from the edge.

For months I’ve been getting myself ready for this jump. A challenge only the courages who had attempted understood. The jump would be a start to demonstrate to my friends and parents how brave I was although I could be shivering within.

Do I have to? While at the edge, I’m frightened but knew that sooner or later I would have to take the plunge. There’s no U turn. I will not backed off now else the tag of “Looser” will be on me.

I took a deep breath. Let it out fully and finally with the last deep breath, I took the plunge and dive into the empty space. I felt the strong cold breeze brushing against my cheek. “Ah ah…………” I screamed. Slicing into the thin air, I extended my wings and glide ahead as I swoop up and flap my wings. Yahoooo….I am now a full fledge eagle and soared through the sky ready for my first catch.