It’s been a long time since I saw her. She doesn’t like crowds, hence I saw her as usual during off-peak when there’s hardly anyone around. The surroundings included a pond with some Koi fish gliding through the water. The beautiful greeneries were designed to have that peaceful feeling.

On this day, she leaned against the opposite wall where I could see her clearly. She’s petite, her usual cheerful look has turned into a sad face. She recalled the difficulties that she had to endure. The pain within and yearning of ending the extreme difficulties. She sought solace in this quiet corner.

As she stared in my direction, her eyes showed the pain more clearly. The tears simply lend to emphasized her emotions even more. She took out a sharp knife. Positioned it carefully across her wrist and tooka quick cut that slashes the main artery.

As blood flowed, I felt panicky and tried to reach out to help but I knew it was impossible. It’s too early for me to move out of my safe haven. For a long while, I watched, as the blood flowed and dried up. I heard her cried out “Mum, I’m here! I’ll accompany you now!” She walked right through the tombstone to reach me. I moved forward to embrace her with a mixed feeling of gladness and sadness while watching her limp body leaning against the wall.