I had dinner last evening. It was a Saturday night outing starting with dinner at one of the eateries. It was a leisurely outing, I ordered food and waited. In the midst of waiting, I heard shouting. Looking at the direction where it came from, I saw a man carrying some packed food. Must have been upset or stressed by the stall owner as he was pointing towards the couple of assistants and cook. Everyone froze as all eyes of the 50 or so customers stared in his direction. He continued to shout, definitely creating a scene oblivious of people around. Then, he walked off. I was glad that he did that to end this unpleasant scene.

I counted five and he was back again. This time more furious, shouting and mad at something. He storms off after a few secs. I counted another five half expecting him to carry a weapon when he returned. Luckily, he did not. However, his face is full of hatred; fierce & unpleasant looking. As expected, no one would move near him. This time he pointed at his target, a small little girl who is hardly twelve, I guess must have been his daughter. He shouted and warned her that she will be caned when they reached home. The crying girl followed at a distance, knowing the likely consequences. I fear for the safety of this child. 

It dawned on me that sometimes, a disturbed man possessed with negative thoughts would behave like an upset ghost acting in full force. So really, we need not looked far to see ghost.