“Farewell, Gratitude, Celebration”

It was a Saturday, 5th July 2008 evening. The plan for the family is to ride the world biggest ferris wheel (scroll down for more information). More as a farewell by her. It cost a “bomb” to the working class people. Hence, in a sense, it was a form of gratitude on her part in purchasing a corporate ticket at half price for each of her siblings.

Standing at 165 metres (541 feet) high, the Singapore Flyer, is 30 metres (98 feet) taller than the iconic London Eye. Here’s a promotional clip accompanied by the song “Come Fly With Me”. In addition, wiki has also an update on the singapore flyer.

We arrived at 6.30pm and the most inappropriate time, when the nation is going through the celebration of it’s upcoming National Day Parade (NDP) through regular rehearsals. Inappropriate because the event causes road blocks. There’s no way of getting into the city area with only one exception via a valet service at Raffles Bolevard. And it cost a heavy parking fee. The following clip captured the news report on The world’s largest ferris wheel, the Singapore Flyer, made its first spin this week.

When we finally reached our destination, the building was very different from what we saw when we bypass the wheel in normal days. It was clean, beautifully planned scenery, with shopping areas and eatery, foodcourt, restaurant and souvenir shops. Definitely a place to visit even if you’re not riding the wheel.

A bird eye\'s view from the world\'s biggest ferris wheel!

A bird eye view from the Singapore flyer.

 The expectation of a fast speed wheel quickly become obvious. It’s going at snail pace. We were privileged to view the NDP rehearsals at 1857hrs as seen in the above picture (in red are the spectators). Not withstanding that, the scenery were spectacular. In the background, stand the downtown offices and in the foreground, the building continues as a bridge is built to join the marina areas. The full glass wall clearly gave the rider a floating kind of feel.


Sunset @ Marina Bay

The cabin in panaromic view

The cabin in panaromic view

View from Capsule

View from Capsule

However, soon enough the feeling of unease as we climbed the height, remembering that it’s the world’s biggest wheel, which meant that it’s the world’s tallest. As a result, some of us were bolted to the floor, not moving due to the fear of height. Here’s another clip, this time on Time-Lapse Video of Construction of Huge Observation Wheel

Just as quickly, the journey ends as we descended from the dizzying height to safe ground for a night to remember by.