Quoted from begintosee. “In this talk, amidst images of nature from Missouri and California, and Bhante Vimalaramsi himself, he discusses a very important step that many meditation teachers have left out in their teaching of the classic Breathing Meditation and other foundations of mindfulness. In this talk he compares the Mahasi Style, taught in Burma, with the method which he proposes that the Buddha really meant to teach, which is what is written in the Theravada Buddhist Suttas themselves.
The Foundations of Mindfulness with Bhante Vimalaramsi

He talks about a critical step that enables the meditator to reach very high levels of tranquility- even far up into the Jhanas in a relatively short time. Students on his retreats have reported very fast progress over other styles of retreats.

He talks about this different “Tranquil Meditation” he is teaching versus the “Absorption/Momentary Concentration Meditation” of today’s Buddhist Vipassana Teachers.

Bhante Vimalaramsi meditated up to 22 hours per day in Burma and finally left because he still felt there was something more. He found that, with Sinhalese teachers in Malayasia who told him, “Throw out the commentaries and only go with the Suttas'” After much study and practice he now tells us what he has found.”

Videos by Bhante Vimalaramsi

Meditation Instructions – Bhante Vimalaramsi at Joshua Tree

This video is the first 10 min of the full 40 minute talk that was recorded at the Joshua Tree Retreat in Feb 07. He introduces himself, Metta meditation and in the full video, the higher stages of practice as described in the Suttas.


Metta-Lovingkindness-Meditation Talk w\ Bhante Vimalaramsi

Here… as instructed by Bhante Vimalaramsi are the basic instructions for the Metta (Lovingkindness) meditation. Set to radiant and exotic images, Bhante describes how to do this practice as taught by the Buddha. This simple practice, he teaches, can take you all the way to the very end of suffering and the highest states of mind that can be experienced.

Removal of Hindrances – Retreat Day 2 – with Bhante Vimalaramsi

This is a 5 minute piece in which Bhante Vimalaramsi reads a sutta that describes the highest meditation levels or “Jhanas” (referred to as “stations” in the Sutta”).

The Majjhima Nikaya (Middle Length Sayings) teach that there are 8 Jhanas, otherwise known as levels of understanding. From the 4th Jhana upwards, there is only mind, which gets successively calmer as each level is passed. Finally at the 8th Jhana of Neither Perception nor Non-Perception there is only a small amount of vibration left.

The very last level, the cessation of perception and feeling (“9th Jhana in some texts”), before the experience of Nibbana , is where there is a cessation of any awareness or perception at all. When the mind comes back “on” from this experience, Dependent Origination is seen and Nibbana is experienced.

It is said that once a person experiences Nibbana they can, at will, experience this state (Nirodha Samapatti). Bhante Vimalaramsi spent some time studying with Dipa Ma in India and describes an experience that he witnessed while he was there.

Bhante Vimalaramsi has 30 years of experience and has studied with all the major teachers in the world. However, he found that most teachers were not educating students in the exact method in which the Suttas’ teach. These teachers ignore a very important step, which makes your practice go extremely fast and deep. Please see the video Four Foundations of mindfulness for more information.

For more information also please check http://www.dhammasukha.org which is Bhante’s site.

“Relief” with Bhante Vimalaramsi -Story about Dipa Ma

This is a 5 minute piece in which Bhante Vimalaramsi reads a sutta that describes the highest meditation levels or “Jhanas” (referred to as “stations” in the Sutta”).

Karma and How to Cure Cancer – w/Bhante Vimalaramsi
This is an except from a talk that the Venerable Vimalaramsi gave in Seattle Washington USA in March 2007. He discusses the Sutta (MN135) on Kamma (karma) and what it is and how it works. The first 2 min are him reading the Sutta, then he tells some very interesting stories!

Bhante gives you real stories of what he suggested people do to fight “bad” kamma and improve your health and well-being. It is far out and you have never heard this before, but please listen first before you make up your mind on this very creative solution to the “ills” of existence!


The Last Moment (before death) w/ Bhante Vimalaramsi


What is Buddhism with Bhante Vimalaramsi Pt 1 of 2

Here is part 1 of a 13 minute preview of a 1 hour discussion about “What is Buddhism” and specifically help with your meditation. This is the first part of two, so please look for part 2 when done with this. It has incredible new insights into HOW TO PRACTICE. Long time meditation Problems are solved by Bhante Vimalaramsi with a solution that is not being taught by current teachers. YOU REALLY NEED TO WATCH THIS IF YOU ARE A SERIOUS MEDITATOR. (You search “Vimalaramsi” on Google Video for more films)

What is Buddhism with Bhante Vimalaramsi Pt 2 of 2