It was 9 hours ago that I’ve positioned myself. I looked indifferent, felt indifferent and quiet throughout the past five hours. The soft music and the beautiful lightings has made the shopping crowd relax and created a mood that would make you want to stay much longer in this air-con arena than is necessary. Each shopper seems to move in slow motion as compared to when they were near to the Mass Rapid Tranit station. Every now and again, the intercom would announce “Shoppers are reminded not to smoke in this shopping area.”.

Towards the opposite from me were three of my buddies, all well-trained police narcotics officers. They were seated in positioned within Macdonald cafe, at a spot where they could see clearly where the expected exchange will take place just outside Macdonald. They pour cups of coffee every now and again. An open space for a quick getaway. A tip-off has put us all in position since noon. They may not have known, but it’s tiring waiting for the real culprit of a crime to surface. Let alone that I need to be inconspicuous.

At exactly twenty-one hundred hours, the face of the culprit showed up. He looked ordinary. An Asian, wears a pair of jeans and light brown t-shirt, average height with an athletic build. The intensity of the moment that I’ve been waiting for had arrived. My three buddies tensed up as they await the exchange with another unknown buyer. Two of them walked out into position as was discussed in an earlier plan and waited.

Ten minutes later, the exchange took place. It was fast. A caucasian wearing white-shirt with jeans, walked up closed enough for the asian guy to pass the white stuff. Right in position from where I was. Definitely on target to capture their misdeeds. Everything frozed for that moment in time. Then the officers swung into action. Within a few seconds, two of them man-handled the white shirt guy and pinned him to the floor. The Asian guy was handled by the remaining officer. His brown t-shirt were pulled up high by the officer and wrapped around his head. He struggled and moved wildly like a trapped animal. He broke loose and the intense fear in his face showed that he would kill if anyone had the guts to even get closer to him. He bolted as fast as a cheetah through the surprized shopping crowd.

The officer did not gave chase. He knew the reason, as his two other buddies shouted “Don’t worry about him we’ve him on camera.” as they pointed in my direction.