Purchasing a movie ticket is a breeze with the internet booking. I was at the queue half an hour early to collect the ticket. I stared at the long queue to physically purchase a ticket in awe and moved on to a much shorter queue with the direction plate stating “For Internet Booking” and perhaps ten people were ahead of me.

I counted about five movie goers who had purchased their ticket before my queue moved one position. I was dismayed at the snail pace. But patiently, I waited. Another five to six in the ticketing purchase before the next guy collected his internet booked ticket. I’m puzzled. Didn’t they told us that internet booking was the way to go. It took almost thirty minutes before I was fifth in the queue. My facial expression must have showed my seething anger and the internal negative thoughts going on in my brain. Those in the internet queue were restless. I must have cursed a thousand times and the movie had started.

I begin to track the motion of the lady who served the internet queue. She repeated herself to each customer. “These are your tickets maam. Please remember that this queue is for collection of internet booking. It’s not for internet booking now.” It dawned on me that she’s serving fresh customer who hasn’t booked earlier but was purchasing through internet on the spot. The procedures were much longer considering the need to dial up the internet page, view and decide on the seats, pay through visa and finally collect the tickets.

When it was my turn, after collecting the ticket within 30 secs, the service girl said, “I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. Thanks for being so patient.” I reminded myself not to allow this encounter spoil the movie.

It seems to me that it was excellent service to on-the-spot internet paying customer but at the expense of those who wish to move with the internet age by purchasing earlier. I decided then that such chance encounter with the cinema is not for me. It seemed that it’s faster to follow conventional method of booking.