Titled “My Early Vision”

The energy level was low yesterday. However, over the last couple of hours, the feeling were strong and I was raring to go. Yes, everything seems to point to the fact that I felt like bursting. I watched my buddies closest to me, whom I felt seemed to be in similar situation. Soon enough, the gate opened and all of us were forced out at a super high velocity. I tossed and tumble into position, oops nope, I think I’m upside down. I twisted and righted myself and charge forward bypassing most of my buddies. It’s a competition of some sort, I remembered. As I neared the target, the remaining available energy propelled me forward ahead of everyone else. I hit the target and the shield went up. I’m glad I made it. Just like the vision I’ve visualized before the race. I won. The remaining journey was easy.

That was nine months ago. To tell the truth, I would have been ready for the olympic games else the world championship. It felt good then when you’ve achieved the near impossible. A goal that’s achieved once in my lifetime. I’ve grown since then. From strength to strength. It must have been the self-esteem of being the only one who made it to hit the target. However, it was hard over the last couple of months resting. Doing nothing but simple stretching exercises every now and again. It helped to maintain regular muscle and bone growth. However, this would caused very nice sensation when massaged. Occasionally, the droning music does helped in soothing the boredom waiting for the right moment.

Then, all of a sudden, I felt dry as the liquid were drained. Moments of tension occured for a couple of hours. Then I saw light. The face almost like an alien, dressed in blue and with a mask stared right back at me. I struggled as I was pulled or was it dragged out but I was held tightly by the slippery wall. Then I was free. He awaited for the right moment and hit hard at my buttock. Shit, it hurts so badly that I shouted “Whaa………”. Then I heard, “Congratulation! It’s a boy!”