What if I’m a woman? My goodness, what am I thinking. Well, Ratana, what if you’re a woman. What would it be like? mm…….

Well, being a woman is tough I guess. Nope, I think it could be a torture. Let’s look at just the need to doll yourself up before going for an outing. First, the washing up. Then staring into the mirror for ages deciding whether you’re in shape. Is the flesh more at the bottom half or should it be better on the bossom?

Followed by deciding on the dress to wear. Nope, not yet, what color should the undies be? green, blue, purple or red? I will never understand that considering that those were hidden. Coming back to the dress. Pokka dot better or plain? Blue or red? What more? Yup, make up. I heard there could be pulling out eyebrow hair, putting on eyeliner, powdering first layer, second layer and stare at the mirror hard again. smile a little to see any wrinkle. Lip gross plus lip stick. aiyoh…when is the dressing up going to end? Not yet…fake hair, fake lift at the top and bottom.

mm. tck tck tck..Ratana, it’s Questionable. How could one be a woman. It’s simply torture! A man is simpler when going out. Wash up, wear pants, wear shirt, buckle up and out we go. Yup, let’s enjoy to be the man for now.