Something just hit me. I realized that each and everyone of us are on the way to become a millionaire. Because that’s the way everyone wished and moved. The sweeper, the teacher, the doctor, the engineers,the businessman, the professors, the robber, the thief, and everyone else. They want success, they want peace and they want to have a happy ending.

However, there’s only one catch. Not everyone of us lived to become a millionaire. At most, we lived to be 150 years old. That’s about the maximum time available to all of us if we wish to make that million. Some had a happy ending living their remaining live with the million or millions early in life like Bill Gates, Yahoo Chairman, Google chairman or youtube chairman. But then again, I met a CEO today who is a multi-millionaire and YOUNG. However, looking at the way he spoke with arrogance and a mocking grin, definitely not peaceful at heart from my observation, certainly full of stress from his angry look every now and again. It showed that one can be a millionaire and may not reach a happy ending yet.

However, many are still struggling towards that first million toiling daily. Yes, it’s the journey in life that matters and it’s how we make the best of situations during the journey that could bring the millionaire status earlier. Else, we could die before being a millionaire. Many gave up along the journey. For me, I was hoping to make it big writing this weekly post. Who knew, one day I may make a difference in my post with a flash of brilliance that transform ratanaong into a millionaire early in life:)

What else makes the difference among this group that may one day write their success story early? I’ve found a video that may point a way for all of us.