As the downpour gets heavier, the temperature dropped by two to three degree lower to twenty two degree celcius. It’s not frequent but it’s good to have a cool late afternoon for a change. There’s no way that we could get out of this corner if it continued to rain. Then, just as suddenly, the rain stopped. We dried ourselves from the wet droplets clinging on to us.

It’s a habit. We sat together watching from the open car park, as each car returned home as evening approached. The car owner would parked their vehicle, switched off the engine and closed the side rearview mirror before leaving the car with an alarm signal as they pressed the car lock switch. At times, they would glance at our direction as if to say “Don’t you dare…someday I’m gonna get you!”. Still we watched, knowing they would do nothing, as they continued to the lift landing, entered it and continue their final journey home perhaps on the tenth floor of their apartment ready for the relax evening away from work. At about 7pm, the corridor came on to brighten up the darkening night.

My partner and me would wait for another five minutes or so. Then we walked towards the back of the newly parked car. Surveyed the surrounding. When we’re sure that no one is approaching, we hopped and jumped onto the warm car boot door of the car leaving marks on it. I love this last part when my partner slides onto the gleaming smooth surface and let out a quiet “Meow…o..oo” before lying on it’s back and snooze off for the night. I’ll rubbed her neck against mine and lay beside her for the night. Glad that the rain came very much earlier.