Dreams do come true. Change is necessary to realize the dream. However, without first seeing your dreams clearly, nothing will happen. Hence, the key is to dream first, then change to effect it. Visualize it clearly, if possible pinned that dream of yours somewhere that can be seen daily. Only then, can you attain the dizzy height of your achievement.

Every movie was made because it started with a dream by someone. Every song was written by someone in search of a dream song. Every victim being dug out from the recent earthquake started with a concerted dream of finding the next survivor. Every blog post started because of a prompt if not a happening in one’s life.

But then, some may say “I’ve practiced it deligently but I did not achieved it!”. Well, so am I. So many times, I’ve heard the other voice that said, “Forget it, it’s too hard. Stop this stupid nonsense and move on to something else.” Or I would simply forget it because, literally, I’ve forgotten about the dream after the initial inspired moment when the dream appeared. So beyond dreaming and change, remember to persist in moving towards your dream.

Oh, I’ve forgotten to add one more item. Do act on the dream else it remains a dream. I love this guy, Dr William Gates, who had a dream to change his job and made it. Here’s his 5 mins opening speech.