Here’s something I heard years ago.

Titled: “The Three Friends”

Three friends passed away suddenly.
They were on their way when stopped by the gate keeper.
The gate keeper said, “Now to be able to continue your journey, you’ve got to be given a vehicle to ride around in heaven. However, to decide which vehicle for you, we’ll judge based on your faithfulness to your wife!”

The first man said “I was unfaithful for only fifteen times!”
The gatekeeper said “Ok. You got to ride on this skate scooter!” Off he go.

The second man said confidently, “I was only unfaithful for just three times!”
The gatekeeper replied “Ok. You got to ride in this Honda accord” Off he go.

The third man said proudly “I was not unfaithful at all!”
The gatekeeper replied “Well and good. You got to ride in this Mercedes 350!” Happily, off he go.

The first two guy ride around for a while and bumped into the third guy some time later. He was looking depress. They asked, “You’ve got the mercedes 350, the best car to ride in. Why are you so sad and unhappy?”

He replied, “I just saw my wife riding pass in a skate scooter!”