Titled “The Attack”

The pair of ferocious red eyes were intensed as it slowly shifted it’s focus on us. It appeared frightening in the middle of the dark cold night. It’s furry tail wag so slowly as if telling us don’t you move. Frightened but unable to move we were huddled into a corner of the fencing awaiting the fox’s final decision.

Suddenly, with a quick movement, the fox pounced. We reacted just as fast. We split in different direction. Feathers flew. I hide a short distance away. Instinctively, I turned around and saw blood flowing from the fox’s jaw as it gripped so tightly round my partner’s neck. It took just a few moments and the body of my partner went limped.

For a long moment, the ferocious fox rested. Then it turned on me. This time, the pair of red eyes showed the intensity of getting it’s next victim. It’s fangs glittering as the moonlight strikes it. The fear in me was overwhelming. My heart tells me to run, to run for your life but my feet was too weak to carry me an additional step. I was in a state of shock. I surrendered to the eventuality as I waited for the fox to launch it’s final attack. I knew there was no escape, especially when you are in a closed cage. Never did I knew that my final moment would be to face a fox.

I put up the final struggle and screamed. The sound of “cockle doodle do” woke everybody up as I saw lights came on and a rush of human activity. A big burly man came charging just as ferociously at my cage. The fox flashed it’s fangs, which was stained with dripping blood, as the man approached. Suddenly, it scramble so quickly away from the crime scene and disappeared into the morning dawn. I sighed with relief but was too shocked to stand on my own two feet as I fell.

“The bastard got one. The other hen is safe!” said my master.