Knowing Your Purpose

Where would I like to go?  You need to identify and sail toward your destination.

  1. The power of a dream.
    • A dream does many things for us…
      • Gives us direction
      • increases our potential
      • helps us prioritize
      • adds value to our work
      • predicts our future
  2. Stages for developing a dream
    1. I Thought It
      1. Believe in your ability to succeed
      2. get rid of your pride
      3. cultivate constructive discontent
      4. escape from habit
      5. balance creativity with character
    2. I Caught It
      1. Invest in your dream emotionally.
      2. Dream needs to grow beyond your thoughts and carry over into your feelings.
    3. I Sought It
      1. Commitment.
      2. It takes hunger, tenacity and commitment to see a dream through until it becomes reality.
      3. once you discover your dream, go after it.
    4. A  Few Shot It
      1. Dreams are suddenly and deliberately shot down.
      2. Dreams are like soap bubbles floating close to jagged rocks on a windy day.
      3. fragile because not established.
      4. easily shot down.
      5. difficult to survived when criticized by stranger worst by loved ones.
      6. don’t die with your dreams still in you
    5. I Got It
      1. success is achieved in inches not miles.
      2. need dedication and perseverance
      3. have to survive doubts and criticisms
      4. when you make it nothing hurts
    6. Some Others Fought It
      1. not everyone will celebrate with you.
      2. story about a canadian bird deciding not to flying south to escape cold. ice on wings. cow shit. warm. cat. eaten
      3. friends may fight your success
      4. others may support you.
    7. I Taught It
      1. share your dreams with others. include them
      2. include the following:
        1. A horizon: to give them warmth and hope
        2. The sun: to give them warmth and hope
        3. Mountains: to represent the challenges ahead
        4. Birds: to inspire them to soar like eagles
        5. flowers: to remind them to stop and smell the roses, to enjoy the journey along the way.
        6. A Path: to offer direction and security, to give assurance that you will be leading them the right way.
        7. Yourself: to demonstrate your commitment to the dream to them.
        8. Them: to show where they fit in and to communicate your belief in them.
    8. Others Bought It
      1. Real heroes are leaders who can help others achieve success, people who take others with them .
      2. My dreams allows me to….
        1. give up at any moment all that I am in order to receive all that I can become.
        2. sense the invisible so I can do the impossible
        3. continue when discouraged, for where there is no faithe in the future, there is no power in the present.
        4. attract winners because big dreams draw bigh people
        5. see myself and my people in the future. our dream is the promise of what we shall one day be.

Information read from “Your Road Map for Success”