Once upon a time, a little boy was challenged to charge at his blind master with a broom. He thought that that was easy. Afterall his master can’t see. However, repeated attempt at hitting his master failed.

The little boy asked “Why is it that you can’t see and you could avoid the attack and win?” 

The master then gave his lesson. “Young man! close your eyes. What can you hear?”

The young boy replied, ” I can hear the water streaming down”.

“What else can you hear?”

“Nothing else”

“Can you hear your heartbeat?” the master asked.


“Can you hear the little Grasshopper at your feet?”

The little boy opened his eyes and stared at a grasshopper.

“How could you hear that?”

“How could you not?” said the master “Compose yourself, continued focus on the sense that you would want to use. You’ll realized it”

The internet age has brought with it multi-tasking at work. How could we concentrate and be focus? How could we hear the little grasshopper?

One answer is to compose ourself and stay focus!