Titled: “Survival”

The survival of this blog is dependent on my thought. Sometimes, due to stress at work, I felt like killing it, that is deleting it. I did it once and it was touching with emotions when I hit the delete key and see the blog disappearing after much hard work.

It was later revived, after I de-stressed. This time the daily hits on this blog is visible for all to see that it’s life is sustainable. The few months of daily work to build the jukebox content had reap some outcome. The blog should survived if I do nothing.

However, looking at life in this planet, we are dependent on the mutual understanding of fellow human beings to upkeep our environment for survival. Our environment is slowly being put in a state of alert on how the pollution had affect the weather and how the misuse of materials have slowly but surely destroy the ozone layer.

Environmentalist acted but without the gest to sustain their effort. Government acted but not fast enough. Perhaps due to our own agenda and greed to accummulate more coupled with a careless attitude. The stage is set. My blog will survive if I do nothing. Will the human race survive if they do nothing? Should we start practicing using green bags for grocery purchase? Questions worth pondering.

To gain a deeper understanding, listen to Stephen Hawking answering to this very important topic. (a short 2:36 mins clip)