The noun “theatre” brought to mind “Phantom of the Opera”. I remembered that up until a couple of years ago, I have not being able to afford a ticket to a theatre but going to a movie was affordable.

Well, the funny thing was that going to a live performing theatre never has the drawing power of the movie theatre, although not all will agree to that. I always thought that going to the theatre both live or movie is a bit too restrained both in movement and being a nuisance if you make some noise. During my courting years, it provided an opportunity to look close up not at the screen of course. In later years, going to movie meant sleeping since it was the best way not to create sound…zzz…I think 🙂

The clip above and the next clip below demonstrated the two extremes of emotions that each could arouse in me. I love the touching sound of Anne Murray. Her music fits the scene of the loving scene of the phantom and his beau.