Titled: 777 out of 777

The form teacher said “Your son is ranked 777 out of 777 students. That’s about sums up how he fared in his studies!” Dad asked “What is his attitude in class?”. “He slept most of the time! We had talked and counselled him but to no avail!” Then his Dad recalled how his son had been up late every night struggling to win the computer game with others online. “He’s addicted to the computer game! He lied, he don’t sleep before 3am and he don’t have a real lfe. I’ve really lost him!”

The internet has provided so many benefits and advantages as compared to 10 years ago. It’s a virtual highway that allow internet surfers to learn, to be entertained and even to earn big bucks. However, it comes with it the negative side. A few addicts to online games died while playing; husband divorced by their wife; and sons lost literally in the real world as they venture into the highway of the internet online game late into the night and suffered in their school work.

Surfing the internet and playing games are fun but they are not the real highway. They are the lost highway. Hence, be careful if you’ve got school going children. Watch out for the virtual lost highway in your home.

Here’s a 3 mins video on addiction to Warcraft.