My regular trip to Kinokuniya, a book shop, in the Orchard area in Singapore allows me to have a purpose to ride the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) along the journey. A token effort to abandon driving over the weekend and support the MRT.

Looking through the Mass Rapid Transit’s glass window as it approaches the station, one would question the need to have so many train riders all squeezed into a compartment. Standing shoulder to shoulder with my nose almost touching the hair of the rider in front of me. It beats the experts theory about the space between one with another; between a male and a female; between lovers and strangers.

They do have spare train but one must justify the need to place it on service. Perhaps the justification being that the number of commuters should looked like what I described above before it’s brought to service. Of course, without prolonging this argument, it’s obviously cost related.

I’ve always wondered whether this experience of riding in the rapid trains happened in other cities.

Here’s a 27 secs clip on a normal trip in Singapore’s MRT.