(Meaning of “Torrid”: characterized by intense emotion; or emotionally charged and vigorously energetic; or burning hot; extremely and unpleasantly hot;)

Titled: “Don’t Drink! It Can Kill!”

We were 60 mins into the chapter meeting of public speaking with another hour to go. There were close to 15 people in the room that can sit 25. Three young men dropped in in the middle of the meeting. Everything was going well. The meeting adjourn according to plan for a 15 minutes refreshment break.

Five minutes into the refreshment, a man raised his voice unexpectedly. A few of us stopped our conversation and glanced in the direction of the voice. I was a distance away from the man. Suddenly, his face went red, shouted at the top of his voice as he flew into a rage. For a moment, the room was in complete silence. He was intensely torrid across his face and his voice trembled as he accused another man across the meeting table. “You f..king don’t respect me! You should have allowed me to speak in the programme! Why did you take away my name in the list? I can forsake my family. Can you!!!” he shouted at the top of his voice. He slammed an empty drink can on the table, creating a scar on the table. The can read “Carlsberg”. 

My eyes shifted from looking at his painfully fierce look on his face to his hand. It gripped very tightly a small fire extinguisher that weighed at least 5kg. Everyone knew what he was about to do. As he shouted even louder, he raised the fire extinguisher. Someone shouted for him to stop. Another, an onlooker, rushed in and grabbed the fire extinguisher. A struggle ensued and the angry man broke loose. The next moment he was four feet away from me. I started to move towards him, then he raised the extinguisher and for a long moment I thought he had aimed the extinguisher at me. Instead, he suddenly moved and faced in the direction of his intended target and threw with all his strength. The extinguisher cracked and bounces off the table loudly and flew towards a gathered group of 7 – 8 people. It narrowly missed a young girl but hit another slightly on the leg.

A quick minded guest grabbed the extinguisher and runs off away from the meeting room, as the angry young man continued to hurl further verbal attacks on his victim. Soon, he walked off out of the room leaving a stunned audience standing. Someone called the police.

As I contemplated on the shocking incident, it made a mark on me that alcohol caused lots of unmindful action on the part of the assailant creating unhappiness for both the assailant and the audience, some his friends. My conclusion: Don’t drink when you are upset over matters. It can kill!