déjà vu – An impression of having seen or experienced something before: Old-timers watched the stock-market crash with a distinct sense of déjà vu.


Titled “About Kim”

It’s ridiculous, I just saw Kim (my colleague) a minute ago when I overtook him at the last turn about a mile ago while jogging. I thought “déjà vu” when I saw Kim coming towards me in the opposite direction.

I stopped him as he tried to manage a grin on his pudgy face, sort of a drawn down face. “Hi Kim, you’ve been running the distance from the other end?” I had asked then. He said “It’s hard with my weight you know. But I’m trying to exercise. Yeah, I just came from the other end.” He pointed at the start point of the circuit. “Got to go! Buddy!” He made a U-turn and went on jogging at a good pace back to the starting point. “Déjà vu” I had thought again then.

I decided to stop for a drink at the shop just beside the road where we were talking. Moments later, Kim again came into view jogging in the direction towards the starting point. He jogged and crossed in front of me. “That can’t be” I thought. I gave chase but quickly lost him.

The following morning, I stopped by at a gathering of colleagues at work. I asked “Hey, did you guys see Kim?” Their bewildered face told me something was amissed. “Haven’t you heard? Kim passed away yesterday morning while jogging.” My face turned pale as I contemplated what had happened at the jogging track.