Titled:  “About John”

Money is not a problem.” John had said. All the other three pair of eyes stared in his direction. They haven’t got enough money to visit the coffee house. But desire has led them to this ROSE coffee house. They were young, in their late teens.

 John, obviously the leader of the foursome and forever doing the impossible. “Don’t worry, money is not a problem”. Soon they entered the coffee house, ordered and had a hearty meal costing a “bomb”. Then John again said “Money is never a problem. The problem is how to get out of this joint without getting caught for not paying”.

“You mean you’ve got no money to pay too?” said the taller friend. “Don’t worry money is not a problem. This is what we’ll do. All three of you, leave the place first.” John had said confidently. Without any further question, all three left without a word. Thankful for not being tangled in a possible police case.

John sat for a few more minutes, stood up and left without paying the bill. As he hit the cool air in the street, the rest of his buddies congratulated him for being so brave and giving them a free treat. They never got caught. And the incident stayed with him for the rest of his life.

Years later, when he was much successful in life, he could still remembered the incident and had understood the simple crime. It’s just like what the saying goes “Once you’ve done a bad deed, the guilt stays with you!” In this instance, John lived with it for many years. If only he did not succumbed to this desire, he would have been more peaceful in his later years in life. In a sense, he was imprisoned for that many years.