My father-in-law had just passed away. It was the chinese belief that on the seventh day after his passing his spirit would come by the house. The family waited for the night to pass knowing that this would be the last night for his spirit to come by.

I was blogging. It was in the middle of the night at 3am. Trying to post out the latest on Writer’s Island. For some unknown reason, I was spellbound as I watched the scene. The keypad seems to be dancing by itself as I watched. Each key on the keypad was depressed right before my eyes. The only different was that my fingers were not on it. There were only ten alphabets being typed on the Title bar. “SPELLBOUND”. I screamed….and ran up to the bedroom, covering myself with the blanket. Shivering!! It was spooky!

If you think that is not spooky enough, I dare you to take this challenge. Watch this clip!