Titled: “I felt like a Cheetah!” 

Living in a cosmopolitan country has it’s nuances. In a competitive country like Singapore, where the high cost of living conditions us to live a fast pace life to survive, finding that little time to rest is really really, a luxury. It’s understandable why we need to move on instead of taking the hard earned rest when we consider the many foreign talents (Americans, Australians, Canadians, Indians, Philipinos, Asians, Mongolians, Europeans, Africans…) being enticed and encouraged to live here, to compete and to contribute to our already robust economy. If I try walking on the sidewalk, I know I’ll be run over by these foreigners. Afterall, how else can we sustained the number one position all the time without such talents?

On occasions, I do felt like a cheetah chasing it’s prey. The cheetah forever at it’s peak forever stressed without a break till it catches it’s prey. Then it let go just for a little while before moving on to find the next target and getting ready to charge. 

Every now and again the cheetah caught it’s prey. But at times the venture failed. In my daily venture away from home, that’s how I felt. Forever chasing after goals. Sometimes we got blisters on our feet and sometimes we succeed in achieving that goal but most of the time being charge up without a break till we hit the target.

Now with so many foreigners in our midst, new challenges surfaced. I have to run twice as fast now if not faster, more like a cheetah in top form all the time. Having given my best effort, I’m sure I would have beaten the foreign talents. Just like the cheetah in me with the prey just before me…then something else happened….and you’ve to slow down and watch as your prey disappeared. Watch this 19secs video to understand what I meant.