Titled: Listening to “Besame Mucho” 

Listening to the song “Besame Mucho” by this blind gentleman, I realized that while one may be handicapped with one sense, there are still other available sense that can portray our feelings and emotions.

He had no apology for those who listened to him, nor would he consider waiting for our pity to his handicap. In fact, I would venture to say that that would be a distant away from the work he is doing. He’s blessed with such beauty in his voice, such sincerity in his singing and such focus in his music. I would contemplate on the blessings of not being handicap but with all the senses intact. Certainly, one should consider the many options that we have. Consider the happiness of living with sight, the serenity of contentment and distant ourselves from self pity.

Each time I listen to Andrea Bocelli sing, I am inspired to take a further step in the positive direction to living life fully the best we know how.