How To Download Videos From YouTube
A tutorial on how to download video files from Youtube.

What programme do u use to record ur computer screen like that? Ans: hypercam2 or camtasia.

How To Download and Convert YouTube Videos

Do, Step by Step:
1. Go to: and choose a video. Copy the video URL adress.
2. Go to: (unfortunately this was closed) so try: or ..and paste Video URL that you had chosen. And click download. And Don’t forget: on the saving window You must change video name as “video001.avi”. It is important to put “.avi” at the end of video name.3. Go to:… and click to download Video Converter exe. And Install the program.Or… Try this way. Here the “program” and “crack” together. Download link:…
Download Youtube Videos to PC, iPod, PSP, Mobile. save2pc Pro software

4. Put the converted video into “My YouTube Videos” and delete the other video that you downloaded from And now you can start to watch videos with Windows Media Player.

Also you can convert videos to audio files (mp3) just for good quality music clips.

Download Youtube Videos to your PC, iPod, PSP, Mobile