Titled: One Chance 

It’s a hard day for me. Being at the crematorium, a relative was burnt to ashes and placed in a niche. Life has given him many a second chance, a third chance or more for the endeavour of this relative. It’s sad and painful to see his family wailing at the viewing cremation hall. On reflection, after collecting the ashes, I realized that all of us only have one chance. One chance to make the best in our life. The second chance may not materialized, since we may land ourselves in the furnace facing the 90 mins burning process. Many did not make it to the next moment like this relative of mine.

Hence, I would not look at the second chance. Every opportunity presented, whether to do our best at work or study, whether to make more money, whether to write a post in this blog, whether to make the one we’re speaking to happy, we should simply do it with gusto and passion. For we may not make it to the next moment or the next chance, for that matter the second chance.

After today, I see the second chance is always presented like the one chance at the moment in time. I’ve selected this clip of Paul Pott, who was given one chance to succeed and he did it in style.