Titled: “Winter Adultery”

As he woke from his sleep, he saw her naked body wrapped in pure white bed sheets. Her beauty and sweet face was soothing to watch and when she blinked and smiled, he was…happy. He reached out to touch her hand. She kissed it as his other hand reaches to other softer exposed skin.  They lay there for a long while half asleep with a satisfying facial expression on their faces. The bitter cold from the heavy snow made them stay in bed even longer. Then he remembered the karaoke session that played the song from “winter sonata”, which was so romantic and sad. But what happened next was beyond them as both of them locked eye to eye in the midst of the song and sparks flew. Sleeping in this secluded hut in the mountains under heavy snow was a culmination of their relationship over a short two weeks period. As he played the video in his mind again, he knew that this will end. A sudden sadness gripped him. He has to return to his family today. Sleep would be the best remedy to what is to come for him and he yearn for the next business trip back to this country.

winter sonata

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