This is one music instrument that provided many hours of enjoyment and expression just like a blog is to us bloggers. The classical guitar used nylon strings which are plucked by the guitarists fingers. The kinds of music including classical, jazz, folk, flamenco are performed on it. Hence, the name classical guitar does not mean that only classical repertoire is performed on it … more of classical guitar is found at wki . I’ve arranged a collection of performers up front with their remaining works after that. Further down, the grand masters of classical guitar (Julian Bream, John Williams and Andre Segovia) performance clips are found. Hope you enjoy the music.

Kaori Muraji plays Satie’s Gnossienne No.1 – more



Cavatina (played by Yang Xuefei) – more



Ana Vidovic performing Isaac Albeniz’s Asturias  – more


Li JiePaganini_Caprice_no_24  –  more


David Russell plays El Utimo Cancion more


John Williams plays A.Barrios Mangore – more


Julian bream – Serenata española – more



Andres Segovia – Asturiasmore





More works on Flamenco  . Flamenco 0 -Javier Conde . Flamenco Guitar by Jason! 

Flamenco Guitar and Dance



Flamenco: Alegrias




Other works

The Girl From Ipanema, Jim Greeninger, guitar

Recuerdos de la Alhambra, 1981, Jim Greeninger

Here Comes The Sun (played by Eddie Blatt)


Canadian-Romanian born blind (ciega) guitarist Ioana Gandrabur plays “una limosna por el amor de dios” by A.Barrios.Recorded in Montreal 02.09.07

Limosna Barrios (tremolo) Ioana Gandrabur guitarist

Rêverie Regondi Ioana Gandrabur guitarist