I once picked a bottle with a message from the sea, I wonder aloud about how big the ocean was and how I was amazed by the slim chance of picking up such a bottle. I can imagine how lonely the bottle was as it glides along the smooth sea water in the vast ocean. On the other hand, the approach to the beach after many years of meandering through the high sea could have brought joy to it as it was washed up and up to claim a space along the beach.

Our blogging life is just like the bottle as we glide along the passing days in this place called home. When someone’s blog page are washed ashore and landed at our screen, we wonder aloud as to how big the internet is when we find this blogging page. Likewise, when the owner found the comment on her blog, I’m sure she would treasure the joy of being washed ashore in another’s blogger’s screen.

Yes so big is the blogging world in the internet with the billions of websites until we bumped into something called universe. Don’t wonder how big the universe is. Watch this 6 mins video clip on how deep the real universe as seen from the hubble field.

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