Since learning the art of embedding codes into my blog to get the  youtube screen on my pages, I am obsessed in getting nice videos for my consumption. One of the challenges is to search for relevant video to emphasized on key points in my blogging.

Kitchen would usually be linked to food and most of the time it is still food when we write stuff about kitchen. One need to look around the kitchen to find the common items such as the various pots and pans, fruits and the sink.

Sound coming out from the kitchen is usually not paid much attention. They’re particularly loud early in the morning, especially if the pots and pans were not placed slowly in the kitchen sink to avoid making too much noise. Of course if we don’t find it awkward, it’s the best way of waking the whole family up.

However, there are something that we took for granted in the kitchen. Music. Yeah, music in the kitchen, especially while preparing food. I hope you can find time to watch this short video to understand what I mean. Hope you enjoy it.