The Millionaire (Part 1) 

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“Son, he is your father” his mum had said. Father was a tall slim man, well dressed and almost like someone who is doing well. The son simply looked up with a puzzled look in his eyes as he watched the stranger.

He did not reply and silently walked to his room. He was 12 years of age and into his early teens with confusing growth time. As he closed the door of the little broken down shack that the family had called home, his confused look and thoughts were on “Father? Do I have a father?” He was not upset but confused. For years he has lived life without a father. His life has been carefree with mother working the twelve hours day. No one controlled or disciplined him. He had fend for himself well during his childhood days. Overcame fear, fought bullies and had learned to be independent. “I don’t need a father now” he had thought.

Slowly, over the next few days, it dawned on him that all boys do have a father. But not him. The truth slowly transformed his thoughts from being upset to hate and anger. He concluded that his father was around and alive all this while but for whatever reason, was not there to be with him. Why? He couldn’t be bothered to answer and decided then, not to have anything to do with the stranger. Without father, there was no pain. With father, it was hurting. Where the pain came from, he was unable to fathom then.

That day (he could not remember the date) was etched into his mind. What followed the introduction of a stranger changed his life completely.