As we scan over the horizon, we saw the sun’s ray as it pierces the orangy sky. Each one of us feel the warmth as we walk through the morning air with our head held high. We strike out each day to grasp opportunities that awaits those who dare. But soon evening came over the horizon as opportunities slips by but who cares.

So too our life as it passes over the horizon as years flow by. Look around us and we do see people who don’t bade goodbye. American Idol legend William Hung had scanned his horizon and did his best against Ricky Martin. And see how he had grown as he passes the test.

So too did Britain-Got-Talent sweet six-year old Connie Talbot chooses to sing “Over the Rainbow“, which makes her a celebrity with her singing “I will always Love You” (video below) in a show. Better still when she sang with Whitney in another show

We may not be like William or Connie but opportunities do arise. So let’s scan over the horizon for the next sunrise.