Quote from Ajahn Chah’s Food for The Heart. Chapter on “Right Practice – Steady Practice”. I attempt to discern these few sentences based on my own understanding.

“You should all bear in mind that this practice is difficult. To train other things is not so difficult, it’s easy, but the human mind is hard to train. The Lord Buddha trained his mind. The mind is the important thing. Everything within this body-mind system comes together at the mind. The eyes, ears, nose, tongue and body all receive sensations and send them into the mind, which is the supervisor of all the other sense organs. Therefore it is important to train the mind. If the mind is well trained all problems come to an end. If there are still problems it’s because the mind still doubts, it doesn’t know in accordance with the truth. That is why there are problems.”

The human mind is hard to train. On the one hand, training the mind in daily life could mean learning in our interested areas. Say academic studies in geography or history. In management studies on related organization and leadership training. On the other hand we could see that in terms of our characters, feelings and emotions, much training is needed to maintain a peaceful environment.

However, in buddhist teachings, what Ajhan Chah is saying refers to training the mind to be bright and aware of our surroundings. Be alert and be able to watch the incoming signal from our environment through our various senses. He explained to us that training to watch our thoughts are just as important.

How does one does it? Through meditation for a start and subsequently when we can sustain the attention on the focus point, we should be able to be aware and watch the happenings even if we are not meditating.

As soon as we are aware, we could discern the importance of the four noble truth. That there are suffering, that the suffering came from a cause and that the suffering can be eliminated and that the noble eight fold path is the way to follow. This will lessen the problem in our mind.