SWALK was a feature movie that for some reasons stick in my mind in all these years. I remembered when I was very young child watching this movie and it touches me then. This film really make my childhood days exciting. Songs by Bee Gees such as “Melody Fair” (see video below) really gives this movie it’s romantic touch.

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Jack Wild and Mark Lester has grown and here’s a video clip on them. Tracy Hide has a website. Here’s an abstract on the film from You Tube that pays tribute to Jack Wild who passed away.

As a teenager, Jack Wild was capable of giving some very outstanding performances. The film Melody contained one of the finest examples of this, with Jack playing the part of Ornshaw, a troubled youth with a good heart. He strikes up a friendship with Danny, who becomes his best friend. The arrival of Melody in Danny’s life upsets the balance of friendship Ornshaw shares with Danny and threatens his security. Danny wants to marry Melody, not in the future, but NOW. The resulting confrontation with adult figures in the film repairs the friendship between the two boys.