SECRET FORMULA FOR THE 10KM MARATHON “Ha ha ha…You will never be able to make it!”  “You are 80 kg and you’ve hardly ran more than 2km.”  “You cannot make it!”Those were the remarks when my family & friends found out that I will be going for the 10km marathon. Oh! They actually laughed at me. But it’s understandable as I hardly complete a 2km run and I weigh 80kg for a 1.68m height.On the day of the marathon in Dec 2007, I ran 10km all the way and not just make it but at a time of 60 mins 39 secs (I expected a 90mins run). A good time considering my weight. How did I do it?Today, I will share with you my secret to run a 10km run. My formula: “DAP” which stands for Desire, Axe and Praise.

Desire. Have you ever wonder why you watch your blog? It’s because you’ve created that desire. And you wants to fill it up with words to make it better. We need to have desire to reach our goal till it is second nature to us. Let me give you another example. Everyone of us button up our clothing each morning. The button must be inserted into the button hole for it to hold. After a while, we don’t think about it. It’s second nature to everyone of us. Desiring to complete the 10km run was a start for me. I say it, my family laugh. I shared it with my friends, they laugh. But after a while, wanting to do it become second nature to me.

Axe the Goal.  Is getting bloggers to your blog easy? Of course it is not easy. First you need to build your blog. Then you write good materials before finding bloggers from 3WW by placing your article there. A single goal of “Getting bloggers to your blog” was broken down to a few steps. Similarly, a single goal of 10km run can be daunting and a de-motivating factor for us to want to complete it during the run. Hence, axe the goal into smaller goals will be the secret to complete the distance. For example, I reduced the 10km goal to a distance of three milestone of 4km, 3km and 3km. Within each milestone, I would further reduced it by picking items (such as lamp post or with some luck, equally space distinct trees) along the run to focus on.

Praise Yourself. Have you being complimented in your blog? Of course, many times over by fellow bloggers. Did you feel good? I do. Similarly, when I pass each check point (say a tree) during my 10km run, I pretend that I’ve completed a great mini goal. Then I pay compliment and congratulate myself. That way, I would look forward to the next milestion and in the process, compliment myself many times. And I felt good about it. Praised yourself more and you will understand the secret of reaching the finishing line.

That’s it. My formula for completing my 10km run: “DAP” which stands for DESIRE, AXE and PRAISE. It works for me in other goals that I set as well. Go for it!